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In Gowan Ring- the Glinting Spade BlueSanct Musak

Picked up a pre-release copy of IGR's forthcoming (this summer) CD, The Glinting Spade, when they played here in SF on Sunday night & GOD is it beautiful; I'm still too much coming to terms w/ it to be really descriptive (& I haven't heard their last one so I can't compare), but I just have to rave for a minute. Seven songs, just under an hour long.

Beautiful acid folk played on a mixture of modern & mostly period (sackbut, cornetto, psaltery) instruments, immaculately recorded. There are some textures that seem electronic but are AFAIK acoustically-produced (e.g. w/ crystal & water, bowing guitars, etc.). Mystical lyrics sung in gentle (tuneful!) voice. Obvious similarities to last Stone Breath here, fans should just pick this up immediately when it arrives (& vice versa)... they share both a sound (and the amazing *rightness* of note choices in the guitar patterns & vocal melodies... I'm sure the Human Genome Project will find the gene sequence for the melody of "A Bee at the Dolmen's Dell" any day now) and the restrained uncanniness in the lyrics. Early frontrunner for this year's top ten.

- Woo.