----------------------- In Gowan Ring - Love Charms (World Serpent)
(review from 'Tear Down the Sky' number twelve, Winter/Spring 1995)

	 A new Utah based band on the World Serpent LABEL (as opposed to it's distribution 
arm) that sounds uncannily disturbing.  This band sounds like it has many middle eastern 
and middle ages influences, but it doesn't use them in the same, tired ways that so many 
bands have been lately.  No wailing female vocals, no chants, no indecipherable tongues.  
It sounds alsmost as if you've stumbled upon a band of minstrels playing at a carnival or 
something, but the lyrics are English, the emotion is something you can relate to.  The 
album is almost atmospheric at times, with instrumental interludes sprinkled throughout the 
album.  There is quite rich imagery in the lyrics and in the unique vocal style, unlike 
anything I can compare it to off the top of my head.  Slow, intimate, maybe if the lead 
singer of the Stone Roses decided to have a go at confessional gothic singing. [Ed Note: I 
hate to butt in, but this album is really far too good to be mentioned in the same breath 
as either the Stone Roses or 'gothic singing'.  You should have compared them to my band, 
Alizarin.- Annie]  The music can most be compared to Sol Invictus, if they were to produce 
their albums more, add more atmospherics and effects.  A very potent and powerful album in 
it's density.  Not for the faint of heart.  Many of World Serpent's label releases donšt 
live up to their potential (Loretta's Doll comes to mind) but this is a solid work, and a 
recommended one.

-Rick Webb