COMPENDIUM 1994-2000
released date: 31 October, 2000, for Terrastock, on BlueSanct. ltd to 500 copies.

2. To Thrum a Glassy Stem
3. Cipher's String on the Tree in the Dream of the Queen

4. The Twin Trees
5. By Moss Strand and Waterspathe

6. A Swan Song
7. Dandelion Wine

8. Urn and Dreambox
*9. Sea Ritual (Live Radio Broadcast, Albequerque, NM)
10. Fifteen Men on the Deadman's Chest
*11. The Black One (Live at Ainsworth Elementary School)

*12. The Once True Love (For Prospected Traditionals Album)

13. With a Kiss or Candle
14. (Nap Lair Suite I)
15. (Nap Lair Suite II)
16. Litany to Lethargy (Nap Lair Suite III)
17. (Nap Lair Suite IV)

*18. Wizards and Dreams (For Pscikadilik Psyrkuz III)

Both the MIZPAH CHAPEL cd and the BEIRTH'S PSCIKADILIK PSYRKUZ II & I 2cd are forthcoming releases from BlueSanct. Tracks marked with a * are previously unissued tracks exclusive to this comp.