'The Glinting Spade'
Composed and Conducted 1997/1998.
Released December of 1999.


B'eirth - Voice, Instruments, Fire & Chalice
Lincoln Lysager - Crystal & Water
Kendell Hall - Sackbut
Sheri Throop - Cornetto
Kendra Walton - Viola
Lorna Cobia - Church Organ
Rubin Clinger - Arrow & Bow

Premastering Assistance by David Adams
Mastering by Denis Blackham at Country Masters
Inlet and CD illustration by Oliver Robin Undine
Design Assistance by Shawn Taylor, JJ Cross, Michael Anderson, and Darius
Leaves Courtesy Michael Abhaile Leaf

Graciously Facilitated by Michael Anderson, Miss Grieve,
Sabastian Clinger, Jesse Winters, Anthony Snow,
and all at World Serpent Distribution and Secretly Canadian.

Guitar, Cittern, Harp, Psaltery, Zither, Organ,
Mouth harp, Horn, Drum & Timbrel, Flouts & Whistles,
Gongs, Bells, Sticks, and Oats.

Enrique Ugalde, Marion[Star Symbol], Thella Hess, Dawn McCarthy, Nils Frykdahl, Markus Wolff, Edward & Silverman, Brian Castillo, Tom Middlen of Local Music, Brian & Dian Bagley, Carrie Murphy, Debra Rose, Xander, Dawn & Kyle, Dragonflies & Seahorse, and all at the Nursery.

Contact In Gowan Ring: BM LUNE, London WC1N 3XX, UK

Two Wax Dolls, blue-yellow braided
Wrapped up in scrolls, splayed into folds
with limbs two and four, face within faces
that scatter in hews of gleaming gambol

Blood-tied scrolls wrapped between
Wings cross-meshed, star-skin bodies
Link the needle stuck thru my eyes,
and then begin to sew

Two wax dolls, bending and peeling
Thin body petal, taut wove skin
Stitched thru the bulb
of a great fearsome flower
that follows the glint
on the first dreambowls casting

Blood-tied scrolls wrapped between
Wings cross-meshed Star-skin body
Flint the wicking, lined thru my eyes
and now begin to Glow

To Thrum a Glassy Stem
on fragmenting taffeta mirrors
Manacled to an earthen house
Over two bending knees an iron chain
Beatle, bone and stone
Pine for a love unknown
though winged soporific dreams
Lay sprawled, waiting expansive

This my promise Blue:
The Thought and its mandrel motion
This my promise Scarlet:
The Blush of a ripened Fruit

Left low in sanguine laughter
in a bed the soft of heather
Stashed in the branches breach
Words to thin cracked leaves
like the folds of an angels wing
or the crack in a devils smile
Poetry for kin and fey
or the unsuspecting seeker

This my Promise Green:
The Lilt in a voice that's laughing
This my promise Gold:
To Sup with empty Cup

The Pearl that contains all pearls
The piece that evinces the puzzle
on pealing taffeta mirrors
To Thrum a Glassy Stem

Gold sun on the blue mountain
Follow clouds thru the bent tall trees
Morning climbs the filtering wood
Evening descends low to the steam
a bountiful, beautiful picture
Vanishing, fading by and by
Emblems, ephemeral tokens
Raise, yield, fall and die
the same clown with a different face
the same man in a different cloak
as long as the mode of weather
the sleeping blue, the waking gold

Awoke in a dream of puzzle
Hand held head with finger hasps
Fit snug in riddle pieces
the poetry of a thousand pasts
in the rime of every season
in the tune of every tide
in the mounting of a thousand suns
Casting by they wont abide
Hear the memories of a thousand songs
Fleeting, they were never written
from the stories of the Sleeping Queen
that scribes have all forgotten

Quivers alight on the Archer's Wand
Arrow's path thin set between
the flesh and the seed of the fruit
on the branch of
The Tree in the Dream of the Queen
Set a Strayaway child
from the crux and the cradle
Weaving the onerical design
Coursing thru five fingers
One hand pours the water and wine
though the Cloth has a thousand laces
the Thread has just one strand
Sheathed in motley costume
Each in a different cloak, the same Man

Where will you go? What will you do
When the moon would meet a rising sun?
To echo the stones in motion and rhythm
to Breathe a moon sheathed tone
With eyes in the heavens
a chain of flame image in starry bowl
Hands in the sky, thoughts as clouds
Vast in moving arms
The Fish and the Fisher
The boat and the Water
The Sun that circles the Star
The Throstle, the Worm
The Eagle, The Lion
The Dove, Calf, and Lamb

Wove in the water, a Glint on the Spade
Bending the Gnarled Strand
Dewed and tallow; Spindled, unspun
on cipher's string strung
The Heft of the Handle
The Blade in the Slit
The Earth and the bloody Wound
The Sheen of the Slab
The Supple Steam
Gleaming moon stone smooth

A Broken Heart Laughing
Fold into figure
Woven on sylvan shells
the saints and the sentries with tassel and withy
A Bee at the Dolmen's Dell

Wine Laced love stained pages of verse
Bound and forged by Vision's lore
at the Arrowsmith's Fire
Mind like a candle burning...
In a Masquerade of dumb eyes
Scars of seasons passing
all life comes to but one moments
Flickering Touch
Heavy in the hand, smooth to the thumb
Patterns of fable, horn-crescent adorned
Picture and pathway
Framed in endless show
'twixt the gaze and the eyelid's wink
in a soft lit room with mellowing drink
all life comes to but one moments
Slippery Touch