NEWS: 4 May 02


two shows coming up in LISBOA

11th and 17th may @ Teatro Iberico, Lisboa

NEWS: 21 March 02


New Release! Promised Availability through APRIL 2002 ONLY.

(A Witness to the Sensible Peregrinations of In Gowan Ring) First Edition, Spring 2002

(Warning! Not an Art Piece! For those who can not refrain only! Please take recourse to the respectable In Gowan Ring albums before procuring this issue.)

This is the first of the long ideated 'audio scrap-book' series for the arrangement of sundry less calculated recordings of In Gowan Ring. Here we find a mix-mash of live recordings, demos, mixes of future unveilings and other anomalous tidings as are available by the compiler. The generation of this series marks the decennium of the inception of In Gowan Ring.

Issue #1 features an unseemly abundance of cover songs as well a live excerpt from last autumn's 'Ring of Fire and Blood' (Blood Axis, Fire * Ice) performances in Sintra, Portugal and some new compositions by B'eirth never before released.

12 tracks, 55 minutes, Mail Order Only on CDR w/ Booklet - $17 (USD or Euro, price includes postage to (most) anywhere in the world), number of copies for first printing will be limited to those ordered through the month of April. This issue is also a fund-raiser for the next full length album 'Hazel Steps through a Weathered Home', projected for an autumn release this year:
'We are truly greatful to all subscribers and hope that these offhand snatches can serve as a promissory note for things to come' -B'eirth

Please email your intention for order before MAY 1st 2002 to: with subject 'E&E#1' and follow instructions as will be outlined in correspondence.

NOTE: This release will NOT be available through BLUESANCT or WSD. Subscribe directly from B'eirth with blessings to you.

NEWS: 1 March 01


Lots of info coming soon, for now check out:
BlueSanct, NEWS section
Promotional page

B'eirth is working on tracks for a yet as untitled new In Gowan Ring album. Also, IGR tracks for a compilation or two. More info on any of these as they further develop.

Some IGR press has been coming out lately. Mostly in the form of reviews, but there has been a couple interviews done. One can be found here:

Russian Gothic Pages
There is an English version available, as well as a review of THE GLINTING SPADE.


NEWS: 23 February 01

Updated the discography, with the most exciting thing being that LOVE CHARMS is back in print. Most anything on he discography canbe found from Bluesanct mail order.

B'eirth is working on tracks for a yet as untitled new In Gowan Ring album. Also, IGR tracks for a compilation or two. More info on any of these as they further develop.

Some IGR press has been coming out lately. Mostly in the form of reviews, but there has been a couple interviews done. One can be found here:

Russian Gothic Pages
There is an English version available, as well as a review of THE GLINTING SPADE.

NEWS: 19 January 01

We have finally got the discography up! I will be going in and adding stuff like track listings and cover art and such, but for now, at least we've got a workable up to date discography.

Also coming soon will be the start of the photo archive. Anyone with pictures or flyers or anything, let me know.

NEWS: 19 October 00

from B'eirth:

Here is the Spirit info. I think that the cover is $5

Club Spirit is at
4209 university way
Seattle, WA 98105
Above 2nd Time Around
Hours of Operation
from 10pm till 3am

NEWS: 18 October 00


During the end of October and beginning of November, me (of STONE BREATH, THE SPECTRAL LIGHT & MOONSHINE FIREFLY SNAKEOIL JAMBOREE, ORIGAMI NORTH AMERIKA, MOURNING CLOAK, etc etc) and B'EIRTH (of IN GOWAN RING and his own PSIKADILIC PSYRKUZ among others) will play some special shows on our short Northwest Harvest Season 2000 jaunt.

For the first two shows, we'll probably each play a solo set and follow that with a combined set with both of us playing music from Stone Breath/TSL&MFSJ, IGR, and some traditional tunes. For the combo sets, I believe we'll be joined by some guest TERRASTOCK we'll be doing the combo set only.

This will be the first time I've played in the Northwest, and the first time STONE BREATH, in any form, has played out of the East Coast region since Terrastock 2 in San Francisco.

October 31, 2000...Halloween, and the official release date of STONE BREATH's new CD, "Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis," We will be playing a special show at a new gallery (called The Wene' Gallery) in downtown Portland. We're planning on starting around 7pm...It's doubtful we'll be able to get this one in the paper or do much advertising at this late date (it was just confirmed) if anyone can help get the word out, that would be fantastic. This show should have a very relaxed atmosphere as we're expecting mostly friends to show. Possibly a potluck, so bring: cider, wine, tea, humus, finger sandwiches, bread, brownies, elves, pixies, trolls, or whatever tickles your fancy. Goblins will be present already.

November 1, 2000...All Saints Day. We'll be playing at The Spirit Club in Seattle with Outremer. [-see above NEWS from 19 OCTOBER for address- Michael-]

November 3, 4, & 5...Terrastock 4 at The Showbox in Seattle...This is a great festival organised by the folks from Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine and will include many great artists, including: Ghost, Country Joe, Martyn Bates, 6 Organs of Admittance, Mo Tucker & Doug Yule, Bevis Frond, and many more. The IGR/STONE BREATH set will be on Sunday the 5th (it's just listed as STONE BREATH) and, while there are single day passes available, I highly recommend attending the entire festival. For more information try:

At all of the above shows we'll have, besides our previous releases, the new STONE BREATH, a special IN GOWAN RING compendium CD [-see news below for more info- Michael-] and limited edition CD-Rs (B'eirth's Psikadilic Psyrkuz, and my own solo release, "Songs for a Sacred Memory.") as well as limited edition IN GOWAN RING / STONE BREATH "Harvest Season 2000" t-shirts.

hope to see/meet some of you there,

Stone Breath
The Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree

The only thing I can add to that is PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD if you know of anyone in the areas covered- Michael.

Tim Renner is the force behind Stone Breath/Mourning Cloak/Spectrtal Light and more. He also run a great mail order company called Dark Holler and a label called Hand/Eye Systems.

NEWS: 13 October 00

The track listing and notes for the In Gowan Ring compendium cd are available. The compendium itself will be available at the Terrastock Festival in Seattle (November 3-5, 2000) and also is available from BlueSanct for $5.00 post-paid in the USA (if any are left over from the festival). See their site's CATALOGUE for more info and postage rates for outside the US.

A complete discography for In Gowan Ring is in the works for the site.

A release date for Ian Reed's 'The PACT II' cd compilation is not set yet, but it will definitely feature an exclusive In Gowan Ring track. More info soon.

NEWS: 6 October 00

(c)lick the stamp or send an email to to join NOW!

This spring will see the official release of a live cd by In Gowan Ring recorded last summer. B'eirth has been selling handmade copies of this at various performances. It will be a joint release between Bluesanct and Tim Renner's Hand/Eye Systems. More info soon.

BlueSanct is definitely releasing a limited edition promotional compendium of B'eirth's works from 1994-2000 in celebration of his performance at this year's Terrastock in Seattle. It will include tracks from the three In Gowan Ring full length releases, plus tracks from the forthcoming live cd, the forthcoming cd issue of B'eirth's Pscikadilik Psyrkuz, and a few unreleased tracks.

Though the disc is primarily for the festival, BlueSanct will be selling copies via post to interested people. Contact them for more info at

NEWS: 9 September 00

In Gowan Ring have a track coming up on a compilation cd to be released by Ian Reed (of Fire & Ice). More info when we can obtain it. The track was recorded in Portland, OR just prior to the In Gowan Ring shows and wanderings in Europe this past July/August.

BTW- Anyone who has recording of any In Gowan Ring radio or live sets, or photos, please contact Bluesanct. We would love to trade for copies of these for our archives.

NEWS: 9 September 00

B'eirth will be performing a set with Tim Renner (of Stone Breath/Mourning Cloak/Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree)

A special In Gowan Ring release is being considered by BlueSanct, in celebration of the festival, featuring unreleased live and radio session tracks, plus tracks from the three full-lengths.


Mask of the People CD

from the World Serpent site:

Christophe Terrettaz of Ozymandias decided to call in a few favours for this compilation to help the peoples of the Irian Jaya (Papua New Guinea).
All the tracks on this compilation are exclusive and include works from the following:

In Gowan Ring, The Young Gods, Einsturzende Neubaten, Neither/Neither World, and more... 12 tracks in all.

All profits will aid the peoples of the Irian Jaya to enable them to buy a bit of rainforest to live in that is free from the logging companies who decimate on a daily basis the land these people inhabit.

The In Gowan Ring track is entitled 'The Atavist's Carousel', a gorgeous cyclical piece that fades in slow and swirls around the ears. Lyrics to this track will be posted soon.

The cd is available from World Serpent and Middle Pillar. There may be copies at BlueSanct toward the end of summer. E-mail Christophe for more info on this benefit project.


OUT NOW: In Gowan Ring-The Glinting Spade
The third full-length album from the nomadic In Gowan Ring. VERY amazing melan-bucolic folk songing and blissful dronings and bell-tinkling.
Mail order copies direct from BlueSanct come with lyric scrolls printed on hand-made paper we bought in Nepal especially for the CD.

abend the knurled stitch....... o'er the glinting spade...........

[lyrics / liner notes] and [more info / MP3]

BlueSanct also now has several releases by various members and friends of In Gowan Ring available by mail order.
Look for cds by B'eirth's Pscikadilik Psyrkuz, Hooo, Mary Throwing Stones, Puri-do, plus the comp 'Winged We Were'.

There will be extensive additions to the site throughou the summer, so check back and check often...

Let us know you were here and we can update you of future stuff: mailing list

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