DREKKA performs heavily experimental, cinematic soundtracks to films unmade where the accompanying images are unique to each listener; stylistically and empathetically similar to the soundtracks of Tarkovsky's later films or the more abstract works of Coil or Cindytalk.

DREKKA's sound is hushed, ambient, ethereal and industrial... at times discordant and menacing, more often communicative and inviting... music for those who enjoy filling in the gaps and the imagery that accompanies it.

2014 sees an adventurous series of tours to support the release of DREKKA's first LP on Dais Records (Psychic TV, Sasha Gray, Chris Brokaw, Youth Code), 'Ekki gera fikniefnum,'.


DREKKA - 'Ekki gera fikniefnum,' LP (OUT NOW on DAIS RECORDS)

DAIS is proud to announce the first proper full length album in 9 years from Bloomington, Indiana's underground legend DREKKA. Active since 1996 starting with his infallible Bluesanct label, Drekka's Michael Anderson channeled his vision into Drekka with extensive tours of the US and Europe, audio & visual collages, and side projects such as 4K, Turn Pale, Dry Socket, and lovesliescrushing. Drekka's previous works run parallel to Edward Artemiev's soundtracks for Andrei Tarkovsky, Simon Fischer Turner's abstractions for Derek Jarman mixed with more contemporary groups like Nurse With Wound or Coil. Ethereal sounds that takes on a tranquil lullaby quality, layered and textured, deconstructed and rebuilt to cause a quiet discomfort. Utilizing his endless personal sound library in a manner unique to Anderson, these compositions are arranged more like a film, showing us a glimpse into Drekka's soundtracks to films unmade.

"Ekki gera fikniefnum," is a mistranslation from English to Icelandic for 'Don't do drugs', which seems to amuse Icelanders. The expressions on Drekka's recent work are equally mistranslated. What one listener perceives as absolute, Drekka sees as only a loosely-fitting frame in his gallery of visions. To 'do' or to 'make', undecided.

The title track is a snowblind short film, driven down the singular road which connects the small towns sprinkled amongst the lava fields, geothermal pools and torn earth of Iceland.

The album's opening track ('Go from my window', an anonymous old English folk song popularized by Shirley Collins) is a collaboration with Annelies Monsere which exemplifies the cyclical, evolving approach of Drekka. The track itself is assembled from two live recordings of the song, which themselves use sound elements from previous performances.

The album was mostly recorded in Ghent, Belgium and Reykjavik, Iceland and features collaborations with Annelies Monsere, Thorir Georg, and Shane Butler (of Quilt).

Previous tours have included tourmates JESSICA BAILIFF (US, Kranky/Morc), BESOIN DEAD (France, Mon Cul), DYLAN ETTINGER (US, Not Not Fun/Night People), IN GOWAN RING (US, World Serpent/Bluesanct), LOVESLIESCRUSHING (US, Projekt), ANNELIES MONSERE (Belgium, Auetic/Bluesanct), RIVULETS (US, Important/Chairkickers), STONE BREATH (US, Dark Holler/Camera Obscura), and VOLLMAR (US, St. Ives/Bluesanct); with all of whom DREKKA also played ambient guitar/misc. instruments/vocals on stage.

The LP was mastered by Josh Bonati of Bonati Mastering NYC.

Limited to 300 copies, with gorgeous silver-treated pantone jacket and insert.

For fans of Nurse With Wound, Cindytalk, lovesliescrushing, Svarte Greiner and Coil.