DREKKA and the tour:

"I have been performing as DREKKA since 1996, although I started making sound around 1986.

DREKKA performs heavily experimental, cinematic soundtracks to films unmade where the accompanying images are unique to each listener; stylistically and empathetically similar to the soundtracks of Tarkovsky's later films or the more abstract works of Coil.

DREKKA's sound is hushed, cinematic, ambient, ethereal and industrial... at times discordant and menacing, more often communicative and inviting. It is performed at a moderate volume, perfect for any small setting, including homes, gallery spaces, stores... music for those who enjoy filling in the gaps and the imagery that accompanies it.

Deeply felt inspiration is drawn from such luminaries as COIL, FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, HAFLER TRIO... contemporary examples of shared sounds would include SVARTE GREINER, LIBRARY TAPES, MACHINEFABRIEK and WOUTER VAN VELDHOVEN.

DREKKA will be performing a series of tours throughout 2012. DREKKA has undertaken over a dozen European excursions since 2002, including ITALY in NOV 2010 and 2011 and over fifty shows in the NETHERLANDS and ICELAND alone.

Previous European tours have included tourmates RIVULETS (Important/Chairkickers), JESSICA BAILIFF (Kranky/Morc), ANNELIES MONSERE (Auetic/Bluesanct) and VOLLMAR (St. Ives/Bluesanct); all of whom DREKKA has also played ambient guitar/misc. instruments/vocals with on stage.

For these 2012 wanderings, DREKKA has decided to bring along Colin, AKA CANID. Both DREKKA and CANID will perform seperate sets, with a short collaborative set bridging the artist's sounds; creating a complete evening of sonic exploration.

Our hope is that promoters may also include like-minded sound artists from the area, sharing the evening in interesting ways and allowing us to meet other people who create soundspaces... to share ideas and make new friends."


a little about CANID:

"Canid, n. (KAY-nid)

est. Winter, 2008, in Washington, DC
Bloomington, IN, as of Autumn, ... more 2009

Specializing in lo-fi electronics, manipulated vocals, live looping, improvisation, and drone.




'I've no idea how Michael Anderson makes these sounds but I know I like them. There are lots of sweeping breezy whispers and gaseous billowing drones hovering around pieces of sampled dialogue and layers of strings, piano and indecipherable possibly manipulated found sounds. The overall environment created is pretty creepy and unsettling at times, at points recalling some of Nurse With Wound's ambient explorations. There is a real something lurking in the shadows vibe but the darkness is sometimes punctured by lighter elements that shine through and emerge like bells and the angelic female vocal. It is still pretty dark though even recalling elements of Coil who have clearly been an influence'
- Norman Records, UK reviewing a recent live cassette

'a series of short films, bleeding ambient rainy days and nights into the somnambulant proceedings.'
- George Parsons, DREAM MAGAZINE

'Drekka is a dangerous artist to let lie in the shadows much longer. His sonic palette rivals any supposed master of musical shade. The scary part is he was doing it first; only no one noticed. Content to create on his own terms, he sits; waiting for you to come closer.'
- Rob Funkhouser, Foxy Digitalis