P A N T A L E I M O N  -  ' U n d e r   t h e   W a t e r '

BLUESANCT is very pleased to announce that the next release in our ART SINGLES series will be by PANTALEIMON. Like the MOUNT EERIE 7", it will be a beautiful single, with an exclusive recording on one side, and a screenprinted image of the song on the other side.

For those not familiar with PANTALEIMON's work, it is essentially the work of ANDRIA DEGENS. She creates gorgeous acoustic soundscapes of droning ambience accompanying beautiful folk melodies. Besides her work as PANTALEIMON, Andria is also a frequent guest on the recordings and in the live emsemble of one of my favourite all time projects, CURRENT 93 and her music will be featured in the upcoming GUS VAN SANT film.

More info on PANTALEIMON can be found: HERE and HERE

This single is very beautiful and very limited, so order now or miss out!