...cover artwork by spaewaif

C I N D Y T A L K s i l v e r s h o a l s o f l i g h t

BLUESANCT is incredibly excited that the third release in our ART SINGLES series is by one of our all-time favourite artists, CINDYTALK. This time it will be a 10", to facilitate the sonics involved. One-sided vinyl with screen-printed b-side and printed sleeve.

The concept behind this series is to celebrate the 10th year of the label with a series of releases that give us excuse to work with some of our biggest influences. And there is barely a larger influence on my own music and art than GORDON SHARP and CINDYTALK.

'silvershoalsoflight' is quintessential CINDYTALK... written and produced by GORDON SHARP and MATT KINNISON... drum machine ticks along gorgeous bass pulses up against Gordon's vocals... leading to a climax of dissonance.

More information on CINDYTALK can be found HERE, HERE and HERE

The record was released OCTOBER 12th, to coincide with the CINDYTALK RELEASE PARTY in LONDON.

This record will not be available in stores for a few months, if at all. It will sell quickly, and it is limited to 500 copies. We suggest you get yours NOW!

• ltd to 500 copies, on blackvinyl, w/ pearl ink.
• the sleeve is a full-colour front image and silver letterpress image/text back.
• It will not be repressed and will sell out very quickly. Get it now, or don't.


$12.00 (1st copy) - ORDER NOW / $12.00 (each additional) - ORDER NOW

$15.00 (1st copy) - ORDER NOW / $12.00 (each additional) - ORDER NOW

$20.00 (1st copy) - ORDER NOW / $12.00 (each additional) - ORDER NOW

(all prices are POST-PAID. First come, first serve)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at: figurehead [at] bluesanct [dot] com