B O D U F   S O N G S

BLUESANCT announces the fourth release in our ART VINYL series... BODUF SONGS. Like it's predecessors, it is a beautiful single, with an exclusive recording on one side, and a screenprinted image of the song on the other side... housed with a screenprinted sleeve.

BODUF SONGS is primarily the work of Mat Sweet, minstrels of misery from the United Kingdom. They have released three incredible albums on Kranky, as well as a few scattered EPs and such. They also have a handful of wonderful videos on their site.

Mat gave us an exclusive 12 minute epic entitled 'inviolate projection, blood from rome (blankets)' which not only gives us the drones and hushed guitar they are known for, but also ventures into their (partially) suppressed doom underpinnings.

The record is accompanied by gorgeous specially commissioned artwork by Norwegian artist, JOHANNES HOIE, whose apocalyptic scenes perfectly embody the yearning for the black sun that is Boduf Songs.

Hoie's artwork was then lovingly screenprinted here in Bloomington, Indiana by Jarod Isenbarger and Luke Shumard of HEX PRINTING.

More information on BODUF SONGS can be found HERE... and JOHANNES HOIE can be found HERE

This record is AVAILABLE NOW and it is limited to 300 copies total.
We suggest you GET YOURS NOW! It was released AUGUST 11th and is already nearly gone.

• Ltd to 300 copies, on black vinyl, w/ pearl ink.
• The sleeve is a letterpress image/text back.
• It will not be repressed and is selling out very quickly.

--------------BODUF SONGS 10"

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