OCT 22:

They look great... a deep dark blue with light grey print...

For those not on the tour route, you can ORDER ONE NOW:

     • $12 post-paid in the US
     • $15 post-paid to CANADA/MEXICO
     • $18 post-paid to REST OF WORLD

OCT 19:
I am finally just about finished with the books for the new Drekka 2CD set... thanks to lots of sewing help from Sarah and zoning out to some Tarkovsky... take a sneak peak over at the Drekka FLICKR

two weeks until I leave... I am sort of reaking out, naturally... tying loose ends and printing my directions... oh, and I suppose I might like to practice a little, too!

OCT 12:
The tour is pretty much as booked as it is possible to get without playing two shows a night... waiting on the last couple italian confirmations, but Benelux is packed tight.

I finally finished the TOUR POSTERS, and they are on the PRESS RESOURCES page... feel free to help me out and print some and hang them around your town. I will give you many gifts in exchange!

Other than that, I've been working overtime getting the books that will come with the MORC 2CD set... a beautiful 24pg hand-bound book, printed on graph paper... similar in style to the book that came with the first 75 copies of 'Extractioning'.

Everything is falling into place... see you soon!

OCT 02:
The Gent show has been moved. New date/new venue... now at Croxhapox and with LIBRARY TAPES, whom I've been wanting to meet for a long time.

Speaking of... David of Library Tapes has just released the new album by Annelies, the follow-up to 'Helder' on Bluesanct... it is entitled 'Marit' and the label is Auetic, out of Sweden. I sing on it a bit (please don't let that dissuade you), and I also do some piano treatments... other guests include a 'who's who' of Day2, incl BOTH Vollmars, Nathan fr. rivulets, Wim fr. Circle Brothers, LN fr. Puddle Parade and Jessica Bailiff!

We'll have some at Bluesanct after tour, but don't wait... get it NOW from ANNELIES (she's even got a sale going on!)

OCT 01:
I just got done sending out a bunch of emails to magazines and blogs... not expecting much, as everything seems to be dependent on whether Pitchfork vouches for you, or if you're on a label that can afford to place an ad every three feet.

But, still we must try, right?

I just finished designing the tour t-shirt. Sarah helped me come up with the idea, and then it was just a matter of plopping it all down in Photoshop... HERE IT IS!!!

I think it's really pretty, if I do say so myself. Anyone not within distance for a show, feel free to email me to buy one from me via mail order. I'm sure we can work something out.

In fact, you could PRE-ORDER ONE and make sure to get the size you want... email figurehead [at] bluesanct [dot] com... and tell me your size.

SEPT 30:
One month to go... October is such a good month, too.

The last of the Dutch/Belgian dates are confirmed, and Annelies Monsere will be performing at two of the shows in Belgium!

Still waiting on the first few Italian dates to confirm and then I'll be all set.

In the meantime, I am starting to solocite blogs/magazines to do little pieces on the tour. If you know of any good blogs or mags in Holland, Belgium or Italy, let me know... and if you WRITE for one, I'll be your best friend if you let me know and we can work on something together.

Wim got the packaging for the MORC 2CD set back from the printers, and he said it looks AMAZING... I can't wait to see it!

SEPT 28:
The tour intinerary is looking good... most of the dates are either confirmed or about to be confirmed.

Just confirmed a show in Utrecht on the 24th NOV at one of my favourite venues, Theater Kikker... and at one of their best monthly events 'Proeflokaal'... a monthly series of experimental sounds.. I've been to two so far; once as a performer (see 'KIKKER INTRO' in MP3S), and once to see Wouter Van Veldhoven.

Now that the itinerary is settling in, it's time to get the rest of things in order... been updating this tour mini-site... updating the maps on my GPS... Sarah and I started working on a tour t-shirt... finished the layout for the hand-made book that will come with the MORC 2CD set... going to start contacting press/mags/blogs about doing pieces on the tour or upcoming releases.

Stay tuned here for more updates as things develop.