last updated: 01 March 2011


MAR/04/FRI - Indianapolis, IN - The Earth House
   w/ Bad Eyes (Landon from Learner Dancer) and Revenge Eternals
     plus visuals by Jason Pittenger-Arnold and Austin Reavis
         8pm, Facebook Event Post

MAR/05/SAT - Chicago, IL - Pancho's
   w/ Pillars & Tongues, Spirits of the Red City and Cross Record
         presented by MP SHOWS, 9pm, $7, 18+... ADVANCE TICKETS

MAR/06/SUN - Duluth, MN - The Play Ground
   w/ rivulets, 8pm, $5, all ages

MAR/07/MON - Minneapolis, MN - Nick & Eddie
   w/ TBA

MAR/09/WED - Madison, WI - Project Lodge
   w/ Weather Duo and Vartan Mamigonian
         7:30pm, $6

MAR/10/THU - Milwaukee WI - Borg Ward
   w/ Forestalyn, Will Soderberg and more TBA
         7pm, $5

MAR/11/FRI - Lafayette, IN - The Black Sparrow
   w/ Learner Dancer and Dark Eyes
         10pm, FREE!

MAR/12/SAT - Cincinnati, OH - CS13
   w/ Evolve and Early Tunnels (Pete Fosco and Jon Lorenz)
         8pm, $5

MAR/13/SUN - Bloomington, IN - Rockit's Pizza
   w/ Bad Eyes (Landon from Learner Dancer) and Goodhands Team
         8pm, $DONATION

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