Do you accept demos? / Will you release my album?
We will not 'sign' your band or release your album. Bluesanct does not encourage anyone to send us demos in hopes of getting 'signed'. If you want us to hear your music, feel free to send one. We listen to every demo that comes in. We are, however, a small label with all the bands we need right now.

Can I get a job working for Bluesanct?
No jobs exist that I don't do myself, sorry.

I write for 'magazine X' or DJ for 'radio station Y', can I get free stuff?
Write to us and convince us we should send you stuff. In general, if you are willing to pay a little for postage, we will send you lots of stuff for sure!

Check out this page for more info: PRESS REQUESTS

What is Day2 Alliance?
Day2 Alliance is a loose collective of artists and musicians. It was formed around Chris Gregory and his band, The Stuffings, in the early 90's and continues to exist. It's motto is something along the lines of 'making home-made goods and slowly becoming your friends'. Bluesanct exists as it's most visibly outlet, but not all Bluesanct bands are part of the Day2 Alliance. Some Day2 Alliance bands include: Drekka, static films, Vollmar, Elephant Micah, Darryl Blood, Annelies Monsere, Circle Bros., rivulets and many more.

If you feel akin to what we are doing, want to be friends, and make stuff... chances are you are also part of the Day2 Alliance.

Which came first, Drekka or Bluesanct?
Lots of people reviewing the Drekka CD, 'Take care to fall', seem to be under the impression that Drekka is a vanity project of Bluesanct label owner, Michael Anderson. This is not the case. Drekka existed (under the name 4K among others) long before Bluesanct began. Bluesanct began as a way to release music by Day2 artists and continues solely to expose music by friends and family of Drekka. Drekka existed before and will continue long after Bluesanct is a page in the history books.