TURN PALE is (l-r):
Michael Anderson - vocals, Chris Lombardi - bass,
Nick Quagliara - guitar, Martin Sprowles - drums

For more than ten years, TURN PALE (from Bloomington, Indiana) has explored the corners of the dancefloor, with a decidely punk asthetic; opting to caress the dark, Rough Trade/Factory sound from the early 80's post-punk/goth movement.  Darkness does not necessitate evil.

DEATH DISCO equaling 3 parts Factory, 1 part 4AD, 1 part Mute.

"Turbulent, striking post-punk that remains uptempo and danceable (think: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, VIRGIN PRUNES, THE POP GROUP, PiL). Lockstep, bass-heavy midtempo rhythms anchor piercing guitar chords and drones, all accented by an unhinged vocal performance. " - Temporary Structures

"A plain-clothes group of musicians that coin a style reminiscent of The Birthday Party and Joy Division, I was psyched to hear something so raw and genuinely inspired by the old school produced from a new band" - Starvox

TURN PALE formed in summer of 2000 by Pete Schreiner (bass), Marty Sprowles (drums), Nick Quagliara (guitar) and Michael Anderson (vocals).  

Following the self-released 'CHANCE' 7" in April 2002 on Anderson's Bluesanct label, TURN PALE's debut full-length, entitled 'KILL THE LIGHTS', was released in June 2003 on the WHAT ELSE? RECORDS label.

Pete left the group shortly before the release of the album, and Chris Lombardi joined on bass in April 2003.

The 'FILMS WE LIKE' 7" was issued in May 2004 on RUFFIAN RECORDS, a label out of DC run by Hugh of Black Eyes. TURN PALE then took a sabbatical from touring to work on their epic second full-length, entitled 'MOCK TRIAL / HUNG JURY', issued on vinyl in February 2007 on NYC/Berlin post-punk label Duchess Archive.

Known for a highly energetic live show, TURN PALE has toured the US several times in the over the years with friends such as BLACK EYES (Dischord), LOVE LIFE (31G) and RADIO BERLIN (Action Driver). To date, they have performed well over 150 shows.

TURN PALE is currently geographically challenged, with half the band in different states, so touring is not an option and no shows have been played since the release parties for 'MOCK TRIAL/HUNG JURY' in winter of 2007.

Demoes and archiving are being worked on, and TURN PALE launched an on-line digital site via BANDCAMP in May 2011, with hopes of completing a new/old EP sometime in 2011.

Interesting people should contact TURN PALE.

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Though not necessarily endorsed by the band, this humorous and growing list has included such far flung comparisons as

Joy Division, Virgin Prunes, Birthday Party, The Pop Group, early P.I.L. and Swans, Love Life, Get Hustle, the Faint, Gang of Four, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Make-Up, "Skinny Puppy meets The Pixies", "Les savy Fav meets Rye Coalition", Southern Death Cult, The Laughing Hyenas, Jaks, The Stooges, Scratch Acid, "Michael Stripe's punk band", Blixa Bargeld, Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth, Fugazi and The Make-Up.

Thank you.