BROKEN FACE, Sweden (September 2003):

TURN PALE - 'Kill the Lights' CD

Turn Pale is part of a lively music scene down in Bloomington, Indiana, so it's not surprising to hear that all four are previsouly known for other bands such as Panoply Academy and Drekka.  Their debut CD, 'Kill the Lights', is an album heavily influenced by the gothic sort of post punk that The Birthday Party made their trademark in the early '80's.  There's the same sort of menacing darkness, off-kilter rhythms, sheets of noise and not the least energetic performances.  But what truly sets this record on fire are the gutteral howls from vocalist Michael Anderson.  To say this approach is different from his other band, Drekka, is definitely an understatement.  Despite its rather bleak course, the outcome is still upbeat and as the press kit rightly states, "danceable."  Turn Pale, along with their pals in Love Life, are one of the most exciting new post punk bands I've heard in quite a while.  If you're a fan of those early '80's Rough Trade records, you definitely need this.  If not, probably couldn't hurt.

- Mats Gustafsson