GOTHLING, (September 2002):

Don't let the name fool you, this "tour demo" is a modern classic.  I can assure you that if this disk would have been released in the early 80's you would already have it in your collection.

All eight songs are individually strong on their own and flow very smoothly into one another making it one of those rare albums that you never have to fast forward to the next track.  However, one song stands out more than the rest.  "May Last Until Winter" is hands down one of the best songs of the entire post-punk pre-goth era. Sound too good to be true?  You obviously haven't heard it yet.

The band's overall sound is hard to pin down and any direct comparisons would simply be insulting.  Just to give you a general idea though I'd have to say that anyone that enjoys the simple honesty of Joy Division and the frantic urgency of early Bauhaus would also be a fan of this band.

- J. Jamison