STARVOX, (June 2002):

TURN PALE - 'Chance' 7"
This Indiana outfit caught my attention a few months back with their debut single 'May Last Until Winter.'  A recently formed plain-clothes group of musicians that coin a style reminiscent of The Birthday Party and Joy Division, I was psyched to hear something so raw and genuinely inspired by the old school produced from a new band.

This is just a quick update on the band, as they have released a new 7" single entitled "Chance" and I would love to see more DJs and fans catch on to this band.  This time around, Turn Pale coins a mood that is reminiscent of early 'groovy' Sonic Youth for the short two and a half minute track, primarily due to the vocals, which due to the inflection in Michael's voice, sound quite a bit like a youthful Thurston Moore.  The song is catchy, has a raw, echoing production and invokes a vintage post punk/death rock sound.

Sooner or later, Turn Pale will hopefully have a full length CD out for consumption, but until then, check out the material the band currently has released.  Definitely recommended to fans of old school stuff and to DJs that keep the torch burning.

- Matthew Heilman