STUFF MAGAZINE, (August 2003):

TURN PALE - 'Kill the Lights' CD

Two and a half listens to the Pixie's Subbacultcha

The skinny:
One wouldn't normally consider Bloomington, Indiana, to be a hotbed of gothic subculture, but that just goes to show what you know. Turn Pale, Indiana's corn-fed, eyelinered children of the night, have released an album that will make even the palest, New YorkÐpiercing poster-boy smile.

If you liked this album, you'd like:
The Birthday Party, Scratch Acid, Public Image Limited.

Who else likes this album?
Pale dudes you think are albinos, but actually aren't albinos; actual albinos.

What does the guy at the piercing parlor think of this?
Well, I've never really pierced an entire buttock before, but I guess if that's what you want, that's what IÕll do. Which is it going to be, the left or the right? Both? Now, thatÕs keeping it real!

Did we listen to this?
While wearing a girdle and black fishnets.

Tantalizing tidbits:
You can take the boy out of Bloomington, Indiana, but you can't take the black-booted, transparent-skinned freak smeared in makeup out of the boy.