WIUS, (March 2003):

TURN PALE - 'Kill the Lights' CD
Turn Pale is one of Bloomington's finest musical acts, and unquestionably its most frightening.  You cannot turn your back on Turn Pale, for if you do, you will find yourself with a melodic switchblade between your scapulas.  Turn Pale's hauntingly sexy sounds deliver death disco, old-school goth rock, and a post-punk predisposition to the grave-yard.  Turn Pale is a traditional band carried by guitar, bass, and drum set with a nontraditional echo effect on Michael's mic, making his shrieking, angst-ridden vocals recoil, ricocheting off the walls directly into your ribcage.  The uncomplicated yet anxious lyrics of the songs are repetitive and mind-numbing, almost nauseating at times.  Often compared to Bauhaus, The Birthday Party, and Joy Division, Turn Pale leaves the genre in the dust and spiderwebs.  There is simply not a bad track on 'Kill The Lights', which is sure to become a favorite of the darker souls in the music community.  Whip out your eyeliner, dress in your finest funeral attire, and chain yourself to a chair. The lights are indeed dead.

- Libby Bulloff (WIUS)