Stand back and try to be apart from everything
          (for how long?)
You will deny this love inside
Black and white one, consumed with pride

You   will   seek   and
          you'll find it's easier
          once you dance and shout

You will surprise
You will shine
          it'll take a little while
          one night at a time

Reach out and try to make a mark on every life
          (one by one)
You'll be surprised how bright you'll shine
My companion in black and white

You   will   seek   and
          you'll find it's easier
          once you get rid of your doubt

Your life in mine
We will shine
          We've got the discipline
          to dance all night

Take what you want, because when you want you've got it
Take what you need (or are you still deciding?)
Because once you feel, once you start to feel it
You'll know love.

23 July 2003, Michael Anderson