When you no longer see the point
          fall down
          lie prostrate on the floor

Your reactions based on foresight
          take away
          the joy of what's in store

You do what you will
          for you are free
          to choose on which side
                    you will fall

Everything here and now
          will be replaced
          by someone or something
                    each in turn

When you finally
          and completely realize
          what you had is gone

Will you seek to find the moon showers
          up against the wall

St. Jhonn said,
          every man and woman
          around you is a star

And 9:3 reminds us
          that all the world
          sings a sadness song

When you take in the doubts
          don't pass them on
          until you've had some time
                    to work it out
                    for yourself

And if I should fall
          before the dawn comes
          I will be gone

Will you see me as a point of light
          to guide you
          and help you all along

Will you be thankful
          for the things that you never got
Every man and woman
          is a bright blue star
          from fall through ascension

September 2005, Michael Anderson