Everything that's beautiful
          will die and fade away
But, put it in a box too soon
          and it will suffocate

Tough pulled apart and cast aside
          torn to tiny bits
You might need it someday
You may have to fix that someday

Who am I?
Who do you say that I am?
Everything to come is meaningless
          and lacking any sense of discipline

All the world seems to know the words
All the world will sing along

For instance:
If we underline the mechanics of time
We can see how they seek to undermine
My life

Sometimes not a thing... well, most times
Nothing can make a difference

For instance:
I do not want to disappoint
          or annoy you
I do not take your love for me lightly
          so I do nothing.
          and hope it makes a difference.

Hold out your hand to me and smile
          rain shine
          most times

Nothing can make it different

September 2005, Michael Anderson