I thought, 'I think that it's time,
          to store the words in my mind.'
She thinks it's all a denial
          of the fears we don't hide
          of the nights left unsighed
          of the pathways divine

She thought, 'I think that it's time,
          to bind the words in our hearts
          to deny all our fears
          to take it all as a sign.'
                    explore the nature of tides
                    and unions time underlines

For night comes in
          the day fades
The dark of night
          is all shade
The bird is caught
          in the snare

I've got the basic design
Phrases we need to define:
          there's love and lust and denial
          there's trust and truth and there's TIME
                    but will there always be time
                    to choose the way and decide
                    if this is all pantomime

October 2000, Michael Anderson