an overtly (overly?) anal retentive accounting of the releases on the BlueSanct Recording Company
from its conception in November 1995 up through December 2003, by Michael Anderson
(an ongoing listing, with all the info I remember to put in... for though trainspotting and posterity is futile, it is fun!)

COMING SOON: Orphanology discography, and BlueSanct LUNE series In Gowan Ring titles

If you want more in-depth info on a release, email.

LAST UPDATED: 11 December, 2003. Black Forest/Black Sea- Forcefields and Constellations CD
     to be released April 6th, 2004. Drekka- Extractioning CD
     to be released 2004.
     re-issue of 'Exactioning ep / Hermitage Two ep' (INRI044). Vollmar- s/t CD
     to be released 2004. Timesbold- s/t CD
     released April 22nd, 2003.
     licensed from Tim Drum Recordings. Elephant Micah, your dreams are feeding back CD
     released June 3rd, 2003. The Iditarod- The River Nektar CD
     released February 4th, 2003.
     re-issue of Hub City debut from 1998, with many bonus tracks. Darryl Blood- This isn't goodbye CD
     released May 6th, 2003.
     Formerly known as Tiltmaster. Justin Vollmar- Every Place is Home CD
     released November 5th, 2002. Turn Pale- 'Chance' b/w 'Mesmerized' 7"
     released April 1st, 2002.
     retail release date, September 3rd, 2002
     ltd to 500 copies, tour 7" for April 2002 tour with Love Life. Elephant Micah- The Untied States of Elephant Micah CD
     to be released February 3rd, 2004.
     Re-issue of Orphanology CDR (ORPHAN007). v/a- The Poor Minstrels of Song: volume two CD
     released February 16, 2002.
     ltd to 300 copies, tour compilation. The Iditarod- The Ghost, the Elf, the Cat, and the Angel CD
     released April 2, 2002. Rivulets- Thank you, Reykjavik CDEP
     released August 20, 2002.
     4-song radio session, recorded in Iceland.
     ltd to 1000 copies. v/a- The Poor Minstrels of Song & the Temple of the Moon: volume one CD
     released April 14, 2001.
     ltd to 500 copies, tour compilation. 'The Poor Minstrels of Song & the Temple of the Moon' T-SHIRT
     released April 14, 2001.
     tour t-shirt in full-colour or brown and off-white
     ltd to 150. static films- Force over distance CD
     released October 7th, 2003.
     Debut full-length from Drekka kin. Drekka- Christmas Presentationing 2000 CDR
     released December 25th, 2000.
     ltd to 10 copies,
     'this collection is presented in poverty and love to all who receive it.' lovesliescrushing / Vir split CDR
     released September 30, 2000.
     ltd to 60 mail order copies on CDR with full color
     cover, CDR also includes Drekka- Complicationing VOL 0 CDR
     released August 2000.
     ltd to 10 copies. just to keep things straight in my head. static films- Persistance CDR
     released Summer 2000.
     5-song promo cdr, ltd to under 100 copies.
     free for interested radio and zine purposes. static films- everyone in my tonwn make me sad CDR
     released late 1999.
     4-song promo cdr, ltd to 100 copies.
     free for interested radio and zine purposes. v/a- Hope is just another word... (C-60)
     released 18 Sept 99.
     ltd to 17 copies, for Mark's 17th birthday. Drekka- Exhibitioning CDR
     released 1 July 99.
     4-song promo cdr. ltd to 200 copies.
     give me a reason and I'll send you one. Kirstin plays guitar for a couple of days CDR
     sold so quick, I forgot when it was released
     or how many there were.
     OUT-OF-PRINT. G.D.Mills- June Journal book
     released 23 Oct 99.
     ltd to several the Pilot Ships- There should be an entry here CD
     release date, June 4, 2002.
     re-issue of PShips first CD, originally on Ata-Glance. static films- different in sleep (C-60)
     released 4 sept 99.
     ltd to under 100 copies.
     OUT-OF-PRINT, March 01. Low videos VHS
     released 25 Oct 99 (special Low list mail order release, 27 Aug 99).
     available on NTSC from BlueSanct and PAL from Tugboat UK.
     OUT-OF-PRINT Post-Haste- Stormtrooper Percussion Unit CDR
     released summer 99.
     ltd to 15 copies.
     OUT-OF-PRINT, but re-issued on band's own label. Post-Haste- Greg's in Germany CDR
     released summer 99.
     ltd to 15 copies.
     OUT-OF-PRINT, but re-issued on band's own label. the Pilot Ships- the limits of painting and poetry CD
     released November 13, 2000. [Minmae]- Microcassette Quatrains CD
     released July 1st, 2003.
     re-issue of cassette (INRI046), w/ bonus tracks. [Minmae]- Microcassette Quatrains (C-60)
     released 14 Feb 99.
     ltd to 100 copies.
     OUT-OF-PRINT static films: poison happy vapor trails (C-60)
     released Nov 98, at a show.
     ltd to 45 copies, comes in a white case and filmcan.
     January 00: OUT-OF-PRINT at band's request. Drekka- Exactioning ep / Hermitage Two ep (C-60) / CDR
     released 2 Dec 98.
     another birthday present for Kirstin.
     ltd to under 100 copies.
     August 9, 2000: Limited edition CDR version released to use up cassette covers, ltd to 23 copies.
     cassette version OUT-OF-PRINT as of release of CDR.
     CDR is OUT-OF-PRINT, March 01. Flaspar/TofuRobot split (C-60)
     released 21 Jun 99.
     ltd to 100 copies. a Japanese import BlueSanct cassette.
     OUT-OF-PRINT, August 2000. v/a- Casio Cum Laude (C-60)/'zine set
     released 1 April 99.
     ltd to 50 copies in a fancy manilla envelope.
          NOTE: INRI042v was originally supposed to be 'Transient Stellar- Transmission 1' VHS. Tiltmaster- Swan Girth cd
     release date: January 22, 12001.
          NOTE: INRI041s was originally supposed to be 'Drekka/lovesliescrushing' clear split 10". Low: One more reason to forget (live) cd
     released 10 June 98, finally.
     re-issued May 2000?.
     OUT-OF-PRINT Camera Club presents: Alpine Wonderland (C-22)
     released 3 Dec 98, to kick off Drekka/CClub mid-west tour.
     One of our best selling cassettes.
     August 2000: OUT-OF-PRINT at band's request.
          NOTE: INRI039 was originally supposed to be 'Salinger Lewis' Kitten Caboose Highway volume one' which was first going to be a 7", then a comic book, then a double cassette, then a boxset... ? v/a- Orphanology vol.1 CDR
     originally going to be a 7"ep, joint released w/ Day2,
     finally released September 30, 2000.
     ltd to 60 mail order copies on CDR with full color cover,
     CDR also includes Drekka- Icelandic for beginners (w/ interludes) vol.1 (live) cd
     way delayed release, ...soon, soon... soon. never. v/a- Dill Slaw Radio Hour cd
     who knows if this will ever see the light of day.
     deleted due to never finishing it.
     may eventually do as a series of on-line Day2 Alliance radio broadcasts. v/a- New Day / 'Table Mirage' soundtrack (C-60)
     released 23 March 98.
     LTD to 23 copies. isn't that goth of us?
     OUT-OF-PRINT Camera Club- Mel-Mar Park (C-30)
     released 14 Feb 98.
     Casio Valentine's for mom, yo!
     OUT-OF-PRINT Area101- Boys are dancing (get tough) (C-60)
     never released, deleted due to not finishing it. Slant Commander: songs of the Tiltmaster (C-60)
     released 14 Feb 98.
     Valentine's for all, yo! ltd to 50 copies.
     December 99: OUT-OF-PRINT. Never sold one. Day2 Alliance video reel volume one VHS
     released 1 May 98. Drekka/FuscilLage split 7"
     released 29 Apr 98.
     LTD to 500 copies on black/drk blue/lavender/cardboard colored vinyl.
     co-released w/ Day2.
     ltd promo videotapes of Drekka/FuscilLage came w/ review copies. Drekka- Take care to fall cd...
     began mastering Nov98, should be out in April 99...
     or September 00... or 2001...
     ...finally released April 2, 2002. Drekka- There can make nothing of difference (C-60)
     released 23 May 98
     ltd to under 100 copies. only a few left.
     August 2000: OUT-OF-PRINT shortfilmsbyKirstinGrieve1995-1997 VHS
     released end of Nov 97
     should write this stuff down. Grrr.
     March 2002: OUT-OF-PRINT Loss- title TBA CD
     deleted release due to never having completed it.
          NOTE: INRI026 was originally supposed to be a Loss 7" in Oct 97, then an In A Jar UK cassette in Mar99, then a Seafoam CDR, and now back to Loss. BlueSanct Musak short-sleeved t-shirt
     released sometime before Christ-mass 97, I think?
     ltd to 50 shirts.
     OUT-OF-PRINT Drekka/Octal split 7"
     released 13 Jan 98.
     first pressing of 500 on grey vinyl.
     (w/ uber ltd 13 copies w/ marbled vinyl and alternate sleeve for the collectors to cry over... want one?)
     OUT-OF-PRINT (Aug 03) / 023cd- v/a- Project: Chunky Moo (C-60) / cdr / cd
     Conceived on August 3rd for's birthday, and finished by the 29th (her birthday).
     Though at first, it will be limited to under 10 copies on CDR
     (make that two copies on cassette due to everything always getting messed up).
     August 9, 2000: Limited edition CDR version released to use up cassette covers, ltd to 23 copies.
     OUT-OF-PRINT (Dec 03) Drekka vs. Hannah (C-60)
     released 10 June 97, for Matt and Kerry.
     First run ltd to 20 color covers (out-of-print Feb98).
     second w/ slightly diff color covers ltd to 50.
     OUT-OF-PRINT. v/a- Glitte Mock Neck/Books of People cdr/book set
     books finished, but cdr not mastered. deleted for lack of interest in finishing it. Drekka- Equas (C-10)
     released Christ-mass 96.
     ltd to 10 copies.
     OUT-OF-PRINT. Giraffe Boy- Goldn Scam (C-60)
     released 3 Oct 97.
     ltd to around 50 copies.
     OUT-OF-PRINT. Drekka- Windowframe ep/Hermitage ep (C-60)
     released 2 Dec 96, for Kirstin's birthday.
     First six copies had vaccilating track selections w/ color covers.
     finished version ltd to less than 100 copies. only a few left.
     August 2000: OUT-OF-PRINT. Drekka- Grieve / Two Versons (for a Tiltmaster) (C-64)
     'Grieve' released 24 Aug 96, day of Phil's memorial service.
     live ep 'Two Versions' added Feb 98.
     ltd to less than 100 copies with blueprint covers.
     May 2000: OUT-OF-PRINT. 4k (age 1.5) (C-60)
     not released yet, still archiving and test marketing.
     December 99: cassette version deleted, may eventually be re-assigned for definitive 4K double CDR.
     May 2002: deleted for lack in interest in finishing it. the Stuffings Family Outing, 14th Mai 1996 book
     released 18 Mai 96.
     ltd to 32 given out free in celebration of the last Stuffings shows before the intitial schism; end of phase one. Urch- too many wires = too many fires (C-60), v.1, v.2
     released with two diff. covers, 3 July 96.
     ltd to 50 copies each cover.
     December 99: still have, oh, 90 copies.
     January 00: OUT-OF-PRINT. the Stuffings- Hhhhuuurrh... Glover (C-60)
     released 13 Aug 96.
     first run ltd to 20 copies w/ 4song ep at end of sides (out-of-print).
     2nd is in production...
     December 99: OUT-OF-PRINT, may eventually re-issue 'best' tracks on Stuffings CDRs. StORK- Snowal (C-60)
     released (in conjunction w/ Day2) 16 Mar 96.
     first run ltd to 30 copies.
     as of Feb 99, still have 20 left.
     December 99: OUT-OF-PRINT. v/a- the Juniper Tree (and other stories) (C-90)
     released Christ-mass 95.
     ltd to 12 copies
     December 99: OUT-OF-PRINT. Bradlees Hot Dog/Eating Canada split (C-60)
     originally, not out yet (soon), still test marketing...
     December 99: who knows when/if this will ever come out.
     May 2000: May eventually get around to doing it as a CDR release, we'll see.
     May 2002: deleted for lack in interest in finishing it.
          NOTE: INRI009 was originally slated to be the highly recommended Mighty Pine cassette. v/a- Elf Dance (C-90)
     released late (Nov?) 95.
     with left-over covers from an orig private issue run of 7 or 10.
     ltd to 15 copies. 're-mastered' March 1999, levels were really low on master.
     December 99: not for sale, though I still have a few copies. 4K long-sleeved hooded inside-out t-shirt
     released 6 Dec 95
     first BSM showcase MidEast Upstairs, Cambridge MA, ltd to 15 copies.
     finally out of print (May 2000)! Tiny Reptiles- Love Star (C-60)
     never released on BlueSanct... released on Black Apple instead. 4k meets with the Anti-Revival League (C-60)
     never released, deleted due to not finishing it. 4k plays the Stuffings (C-20)
     released 1 Nov 95.
     ltd to 50 copies. Only a few left (Dec 99)
     OUT-OF-PRINT 4k- s/t (C-46)
     released 1 Nov 95.
     ltd to 50 copies, w/ super delux handmade packaging.
     OUT-OF-PRINT 144000 long-sleeve/short-sleeve t-shirt
     released near Feb 95.
     ltd to around 30 shirts (10sl/20ls)?
     March 99: Recently found three, so back available for a short time.
     December 99: OUT-OF-PRINT v/a- Knifeboat vs. the Awaken (C-46)
     released 6 Nov 95.
     ltd to 144 copies.
     OUT-OF-PRINT 4k anti-musak cassette (C-1/4)
     released 6 Nov 95.
     to date (Dec 99) I've sold one. Not limited.
     OUT-OF-PRINT (Aug 03)

-'s ending with 'x' were/are not-for-sale releases; made either made as gifts or promotional items.
- items struck through are either out-of-print or deleted titles. If you have a good enough reason why you should have one, I will try and drum one up for you.

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