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Well, unfortunately the way of the individual website has passed us by... what was once an exciting, self maintained endevour has been devoured by Faces on Books and Tumbling...

If you are looking for updated and current info on the goings-ons of your humble rabbit in waiting, I suggest you take a look at the following links and 'FOLLOW' or 'LIKE' them... this site is more a statue or tomb to the past.


DREKKA FACEBOOK PAGE (updated show and release info)

DREKKA BANDCAMP PAGE (official download page w/ tons of out-of-print titles)

DREKKA LIVE ARCHIVE (official live archive w/ dozens of live recordings)

DREKKA FLICKR (tour photos and more)

BLUESANCT TUMBLR (Bluesanct/Drekka Tumblr w/ updated show and release info)

BLUESANCT GIGOGRAPHY (official list of every known performance of Drekka and related projects)

D R E K K A   N E W S :   S E P T E M B E R   2 0 1 1


Looking back through the haze of fine wine...

Hasn't been a whole lot of news to report lately.

I went on that tour in March. It was a financial disaster, but really great to get out and play shows and see friends.

Mostly, I have been archiving and working. I have uploaded a really old, out-of-print CDR on the Drekka Bandcamp... and it has some really rare Drekka tracks on it, some of which are among my favourite tracks ever.

The main thing to report, other than that, is that the 'LIVE IN EUROPE 2010' cassette is out NOW!

This C-46 is a sort of 'best of' recordings from my November 2010 tour of Italy (and Slovenia) and it is available from Chemical Tapes or at the merch table.

January will see Drekka return to Italy and parts European, this time with my good friend Canid in tow. I am really excited to go back, start the tour off in Itri and head either north or east from Rome... more on that soon.

For now, I am going to be doing lots more archiving and lots more uploading of rare and out-of-print tracks to the Drekka Bandcamp. Take a look, listen to stuff and if you feel like kicking us some money for downloads, please know that every cent you spend goes into helping us put out more releases and to get us from show to show while on tour... we really appreciate all the help we get from the fans and friends.

Okay... off to sudoku and then slumber.

D R E K K A   N E W S :   F E B R U A R Y   2 0 1 1


On the road to the Great White North (almost)...

I will be heading in a northwesternly path in March, from Bloomington to Duluth and back, for a nine date tour. I don't tour much here in the States, for various reasons not involving lack of want. I am excited to get out there and see/play with some old friends and to make some new ones!

Tour dates are found on the HOME page of this site or at the little TOUR SITE I made... if you write for a blog or want to help promote my tour, TAKE A LOOK!

Last month, I completed a couple projects to be released sometime this autumn. I feel like I have accidently slipped back into the 80's, as all my recent and upcoming releases seem to be on cassette.

Exciting, as Bluesanct started as cassette label... but, it is also a bit strange.

But, embrace format and function... go with the flow... tapes it is!

  • The first one (not necessarily first one to be released) is a comp track for Underwater Now, a label out of Bari, Italy. This new label is run by Luigi, who also runs the lo-fi tape label, Almost Halloween Time, (who released the very first release by Annelies Monseré!)

    My track for that is a vocal version of 'I will wait', an outtake from the soon-to-be completed (and LONG delayed) 'Tarwestraat 52' album.

  • The second project I finished this past month is a full-length cassette for Chemical Tapes, a soon to be launched new label out of the UK and Spain.

    This C-46, entitled 'Live in Europe 2010', is a sort of 'best of' recordings from my November tour of Italy (and Slovenia).

I am not really sure what I will work on when I get home from tour, but there is a list longer than the extra leg on the face of that man... (You know, grey leg face man, he's got legs, and then another leg on his face.)

This past week, we shot a video for the new single by Dylan Ettinger for Not Not Fun. The video is directed by Nathan Vollmar and Will Claytor for 19th State Collective, and is for the track 'Lion of Judah' which I produced and play melodica on... we're all super stoked for it to come out!

When I get back from tour, one thing I am definitely working on is a new band Dylan and I started, called DRY SOCKET. It will be a decidely 80's industrial/new wave band, incorporating vintage synths and old recordings I made in the 80's... it's going to be great, but more on that later...

For now, come out to a show in March and say hi... I'll have a Bluesanct mini-store with me, including lots of rare releases by many of the bands associated with the label!

See you soon!

D R E K K A   N E W S :   J A N U A R Y   2 0 1 1


Velcome to my Castle...

What better Christmas present for a goth from the 80's than an ENTIRE CASE (12 boxes) of COUNT CHOCULA CEREAL!

I had been looking in grocery stores all year for the stuff, and Sarah went online and got me a whole castle full.

SO, I am trying to ride the wave of optimism and such that a new year brings, and things have been pretty nice around Drekka HQ so far... one week in, and a good start.

I just did some minor updating to the DISCOGRAPHY pages, adding a few lost items I came across while organizing the office.

I also went through the SOUNDS page and several new videos and films from this past autumn and winter. We've been making lots of films lately around here; some funny (we hope), some more on the 'art' side... I hope you enjoy. There will be many more this year!

I've got big plans for 2011 (as always)... the first things will be catching up on several cassette releases for various labels, as well as a couple small midwest US tours in late February/early March... more info on those soon.

After that, I'm planning on going to Poland for most of May... anyone with any contacts/friends in Poland who may be able to help host me, set-up a show, etc... PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

While adding stuff to the discography tonight, I re-read the artist bio that Eden Rose printed of me in her 'Pine Meoquance' poetry anthology:

'Michael Anderson started marrying sound and words before email existed. He is a card-carrying supporter of romance and a member of the Day2 Alliance. His label, Bluesanct, celebrated its 10th Anniversary this year. He dreams of starring in a Bollywood movie, with lavish dance sequences and a surreal soundtrack by his own project, Drekka."

I love it!

I'll be back soon with more news and updates. But as always, the best way to stay up to the minute on what's going on is to check the BLUESANCT TUMBLR all the news updates and exclusive content!

And now.. I vill go commune vith the Children of the Night.

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