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B L U E S A N C T   R E L E A S E S   a n d   D I S T R I B U T E D

Installment 'J' in our 'Alphabet Series' on Orphanology is an avant-garde fairy tale recorded live in the basement of Bluesanct HQ in October 2011 and whittled down from two hours of sound... keyboard experiments and live dub manipulations from one of Bloomington's nicest and strangest fellows. Ltd to 23 copies.

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KITCHEN TYPISTS present: An Impossible Program   CDR  (ORPHAN00K, $6)
Installment 'K' in our 'Alphabet Series' on Orphanology. Discovered in a stack of mystery discs during a recent BlueSanct housecleaning, An Impossible Program presents an unused sequence of much of the material that made up that lone Kitchen Typists album, featuring alternate edits and mixes plus previously unreleased tracks and radio sessions. We speculate it might have been intended for an Orphanology release as early as 2002, but has been lost since. It amounts to a sort of accidental best of, maybe the most cohesive and listenable presentation of Kitchen Typists' bedroom collage aesthetic. KT is Jason Henn (sometimes drummer of Elephant Micah). Imagine the wit of The Freed Weed, the boldness of John Cale and the budget of a high school band, and you're pretty much there. Ltd to 23 copies.

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MAN-0-GRAM FOR A MAA'M - Sorry, Sorry, Sorry   CDR  (ORPHAN00M, $6)
The next installment in our 'Alphabet Series' on Orphanology is an out-sound dream team and you will be sorry and miss out on this meeting of the minds... ltd to 23 copies, this CDR features a live set by Justin Clifford Rhody, Clare Hubbard, Dan Beckman and Andy Neubauer who individually and collectively perform in such greats as (D)(B)(H), Caethua, Impractical Cockpit, Uke of Spaces and many more.

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ANNELIES MONSERE - Helder  CD  (INRI078, $9)
The debut full-length from Annelies uses simplicity of melody not unlike Empress or Jessica Bailiff, while the sound textures are reminiscent of Movietone or Tara Jane O'Neil.

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Annelies' second full-length... and the first release on AUETIC, a label out of Sweden run by Library Tapes... feat. guest appearances from DREKKA, VOLLMAR, RIVULETS, JESSICA BAILIFF and more... gorgeous minimalist seemingly ancient folk melodies.


PANTALEIMON - Under the Water  7"  (INRI082, $6)
Our second art 7" single, ltd to 500 copies only on clear vinyl w/ screenprinted vinyl and letter-pressed sleeve. Gorgeous acoustic soundscapes of droning ambience accompanying beautiful folk melodies.

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PILLARS & TONGUES - Lay of Pilgrim Park  LP  (EMP006, $12)
Debut vinyl offering from ex-STATIC FILMS and longtime Bluesanct family members, PILLARS & TONGUES. A new style Mass with liturgical forms composed within the trinity of John Fahey, Mark Hollis and Arvo Part. P&T are acutely aware of how time affects perception. LP w/ DOWNLOAD, released on Empty Cellar Records.